Gambling isn’t just about luck and technique. A large part of gambling is about the choices you make during a game. You can either continue losing, or you can identify what you are doing wrong and rectify those mistakes. There are a lot of ways to lose money, only a handful of ways to earn that much back. So the best thing is to prevent such a situation rather than create it and look for a solution; because as the old folk used to say, prevention is better than cure. So here are some early warning signs to suggest that your gambling habits are at fault when you are gambling.

Gambling For Fun

Casinos want you to have fun while gambling. They even provide you with drinks and food for free to play you into the illusion of fun. Yes, it is merely an illusion, because when you are having fun you do not think about how much money you lose or how much you spend. There is a lot at stake while you gamble. Treat gambling like you are running a business: you have money on the stake, you need to get it or you are at a loss. You need to understand what games give what outcomes and by how much of a margin you have to win to win it. It involves the discipline of understanding which games to play and which to avoid. Gambling is “fun” only when you are winning more than losing.


No Limits and No Budget

If you don’t have a budget for gambling, you are already making a grave budget. You need to have a separate amount of money set aside before you go to the casino to gamble. A budget and a bankroll are not the same. Bankroll represents all the money in your account, a budget is the amount of money you need to set aside before going to the casino. In addition to having a budget, you also need to set limits: a stop-win limit to stop gambling when you have gained enough money and a stop-loss limit to stop gambling when it is time to stop losing. A time limit should also be set so that you do not stay too long in the casino and get distracted.

Gambling For Free

When you are putting your money on the line, the casino tries to stay as distant as possible. Until and unless you start losing will they be interested. So the best thing to do is enquire about the comps that you get while playing and if you are not satisfied by what they say, you can always move to a new casino.